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Innovate Efficiently

MiLA Capital is an early stage venture fund investing in tech you can touch. Over the last five years, the firm has made ~20 investments in companies that have gone on to raise over $145M in venture funding. The team leverages experience running a residential accelerator program, building an innovation lab, and working with corporate venture capital funds to extend the innovation studio model to strategic partners. 

We partner closely with corporations to help their talented teams conceive, launch, and scale new businesses.

Explore Our Benefits
  1. Leverage our network of experts, mentors, and portfolio companies.

  2. Engage with technology that can impact your strategic goals.

  3. Decide on technologies that merit additional investment.

  4. Grow a pipeline of talent and technology.

  5. Connect with fellow industry peers who value innovation.

CVC Matchmaking Events

We host matching events with startups that fit your investment and innovation criteria, pooling together companies from our network of thousands of startups.

We create and fund B2B and B2C business. We tap into world class leaders from our networks across business and academia to bring together talented people to solve your challenges. We design, prototype, and discover markets for cutting edge technologies.

Venture Co-Creation

We come to your boardrooms and retreats to facilitate intrapreneurship and help craft strategies around M&A.

Expert Technology Sessions

Interested in having a presence in a new city? We have locations and partnerships that allow us to host your team in an innovation lab around the US including the greater Los Angeles, Chicago, and Boston areas.

Innovation Team Co-Location
Innovation Lab Immersion

Our innovation hubs target specific industries and offer resources such as maker spaces and event spaces. Engage with the lab daily or for special projects and events.

We host cohort programs ranging from 1 week to 4 months, offer white-labeled programs, and also provide training programs to optimize corporate innovation program operations. Our methods enhance value-adds and accelerate startup teams to facilitate scale.

Corporate Advisory

Early and preferred access to valuable IP and technologies that improve manufacturing. Early and preferred access to new technology startups.

Compete Stronger

We offer a multiple of ways to work with MiLA. Leveraging our resources, we help identify prospective customers with high growth potential, build brands in the tech space that supports sales, offer resources that allow corporations to better compete, and foster ties with key suppliers.

Our Current and Previous Partners
Drive Culture Change
  • Evolve culture to align with industry best practices across high growth and long term businesses

  • Prototyping and entrepreneurial resources and skill building for our employees

  • Asset for recruiting engineers out of the startup world

Reach out

Are you a founder, a scientist, a person responsible for your business resilience? We want to speak with you.

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