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Sentio is augmenting mental health with continuous monitoring and real-time coaching. They have developed the Feel wristband to capture relevant data and Artificial Emotional Intelligence algorithms to provide feedback and change the way mental and emotional health are managed.

The team is regularly hiring in hardware, software, data science, and customer success in California and Greece.


Caban Systems is solving cell tower uptime in high-density low-connectivity areas, and will build a new energy company.


PathSpot’s product scans employees’ hands and instantly detects dangerous contamination invisible to the human eye. The system records data from all scans and provides customized reports.

The team is currently hiring for various positions in New York, NY.

hava health logo.png

Hava, a fully funded medtech startup founded by serial entrepreneurs, is working on a patent-pending designed vape pen that pairs with a smartphone app to automatically and gradually wean people off nicotine addiction over time. All they have to do is smoke; Hava lowers their nicotine intake automatically, reducing withdrawal symptoms and relapse rates. 

Hava is hiring for a mechanical engineer. The candidate will work closely with the founding team and be expected to handle tasks ranging from mechanical design and engineering and product development to implementation and manufacturing.Experience with e-cigarettes is highly desirable.

Hava is also searching for an Electrical Engineer with the passion and motivation to contribute to an innovative solution in the smoking cessation space. The EE will help design and develop electrical hardware and software for a unique vaporizer. Position involves multiple project responsibilities from conceptual design and prototyping to finalizing for manufacturing. Product requires electrical components and firmware to pass rigorous electrical and EMC testing.

Both positions can be done remotely (Philadelphia-based candidates can work on-site). Please email May.


Amped is looking for a full time Senior Product Design Engineer. Amped Innovation is a product design startup that builds solar products for off-grid and weak-grid homes in emerging markets. They currently serve 45,000 customers across Africa and Southeast Asia and are post-revenue. Amped has tons of awesome products in the pipeline: solar ice maker, solar fridge, and a solar power hub that will displace diesel generator backups.  If you are incredible with CAD, enjoy prototyping, experienced in DFM, and have a great sense of aesthetics, let’s talk!  If you are interested in starting as a contractor and then transitioning to full-time, the team is open to something like that as well. Amped HQ is in a converted car shop in San Mateo.

orbit fab.png

OrbitFab, Inc. is the orbital satellite refueling solution provider offering

services that change the dynamics and standards of the space industry by significantly extending the satellites’

operating lifespan.

In simple terms, OrbitFab brings “Gas Stations” in space that are able to refuel satellites in orbit. 

The team is currently hiring for various positions in San Francisco, CA. 

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