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MiLA invests
at the intersection of complex technology and manufacturing

Our Portfolio

Our partnership formed in 2015 around the mission of making hardware less hard for early stage founders. In 2020, we continue to build on our strong foundation. We find, nurture, and invest in promising technology companies. 

We attract and invest in principled leaders who prioritize five values:

  1. Curiosity > Product-Market Fit

  2. Principled > Polished

  3. Creative > Experienced

  4. Hungry > Aggressive

  5. Confident > Arrogant

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Career Opportunities

Our founders run companies that are making a difference in the world. Our portfolio companies are looking to add talented teammates to their growing businesses.

View openings

- Christine Schindler, PathSpot CEO
“We want to give you every shoutout in the world for all of your support -- spanning so many topics from manufacturing to pitch feedback to process implementation to leadership advice.We are so glad to be on your team.”  
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