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Investing in "tech you can touch"
About MiLA Capital
MiLA Capital leverages extensive expertise in hyperscale, hardware, and finance to identify high-potential “tech you can touch” opportunities with attractive valuations. Through a deep network and hands-on operating strategy, MiLA partners with founders to build capital efficient businesses. 
MiLA Capital invests at the pre-seed and seed stage in five high-opportunity sectors in the United States, Latin America, and beyond:
Industry 01
Food Tech + Ag Tech
Industry 02
Industry 03
Mobility + Aerospace
Industry 04
Climate Tech
Industry 05
Health + Wellness
Our Lens
Our team seeks to catalyze systemic impact and change in the venture ecosystem - from the onboarding of diverse LPs, to the funding of diverse GPs, to investing in women and underrepresented founders and inspiring them to employ a diverse employee and supplier base.
MiLA Capital advocates for gender and racial diversity in our portfolio companies. Our outbound recruitment efforts target groups grossly underrepresented in venture - women, Latinx, Black and LGBTQIA founders. 




Companies Led
by Female CEOs


Raised in Follow-On Funding


Companies Led by Immigrants


FTEs Hired


Companies Address UN Sustainable Development Goals


Innovation Lab in
Los Angeles


Our partners reflect 10% of Latina partners in venture in the US
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